Linh Do: (AFA - Studio Art)

Linh lives in Seattle, Washington. She grew up in Vietnam. She is trying to complete her AFA degree from Shoreline Community College with a concentration in painting and drawing.  She was introduced to art when she was in high school. She likes jogging and climbing when the weather is good, usually during the summer.  She is also a language enthusiast and can speak Chinese fluently and Spanish moderately.


Huijie Huo: (AFA - Studio Art)

Huijie was born on November 30, 1997 in Xinjiang, China. Currently, she lives in Seattle, USA and is studying for her bachelor's degree at Shoreline community college. Her major is Interior design. She has already finished her painting 1, 2D & 3D classes, drawing 1, 2, and ceramic 1 in Shoreline community college. Her first contact with art was Chinese landscape painting, and under the influence of her grandfather, she began her road of art. At present, in the process of learning interior design, she encountered the biggest obstacle is the language. English is her second language, now she can communicate with others smoothly, but sometimes some professional terms in art will make her confused, but now she is working hard to learn. Some of her artwork will be published in Shoreline Community College’s Enfolio later 2020.


Scott Larson: (AFA - Studio Art)

Scott Larson has lived an itinerant life until settling in Seattle, WA in 2003. His father served in U.S. Navy and he served in the U.S Coast Guard, which meant moving frequently. He has a varied educational background, including a BS in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University, a MA in Telecommunications from George Mason University, and a MLS from the University of Maryland. After a sundry career, Scott is embarking on a new journey—exploring his lifelong interest in art at Shoreline Community College. He graduates in June 2020 with an AFA in Studio Arts. Some of his selected artworks will be published in Shoreline Community College’s Enfolio later this year.


Jun Lee: (AFA - Studio Art)

Jun Lee was born and raised in Korea, and now, he lives in Shoreline. He had studied business and Italian at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul Campus) from 2014 to 2017. In 2018, he dropped out of university and immigrated to the United States. He began studying art in the 2018 fall quarter of Shoreline Community College, and currently, he is pursuing an AFA degree in Studio Art (2D) from Shoreline Community with a concentration in painting.


Yiying Liu: (AFA - Studio Art)

Yiying Liu was born in Shenyang, China and was moved to the US in 2014. But as a Chinese, she loves Korean food the most. She currently lives in Marysville, Washington. Before going to school, she had never learned drawing. At first, she only begins to mimic famous paintings. She then discovered her interests in making paintings after going to school and is familiar with some famous artists and works. The artist she admires most is Monet. She is in her last year of getting an AFA degree in drawing. Her interests in art came from her mom’s love of flowers.


Alexander Mario: (AFA - Studio Art)

Alexander Mario was born and raised in Bandung, Indonesia. He moved to the United States in 2014 to pursue education. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2018 with a bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. He then followed his passion for art and decided to pursue an associate’s Degree in Foundation Studio Arts at Shoreline Community College and Web Design certificate, intending to graduate in June 2020. His physical creative work has been influential in KERATON 2017: Indonesian Festival, where he and his team created event decoration, design, layout for over 6000 people. His graphic design work can be seen from various industries from fashion (AMIL Scarves), restaurant business (Bakmie Rainbow), to corporate technology (Loopie LLC).


Nhi Nguyen: (AFA - Studio Art)

Nhi Nguyen was born in a small town in Vietnam. She spent all her childhood until she moved to Seattle, WA in summer, 2016. She had taken some art courses as well as an illustration in Vietnam before she continues to follow an AFA degree in Shoreline community college. As a child, she was inspired by her father who was an artist and teacher.

Nhi has always had a deep in art and a good understanding of what works well visually. She loves nature and hopes through her illustrations, she can express, share her feeling, and helps people reach out the world in the stories by lively illustrations

During her time as a student, she works part-time as an illustration book artist.


Julie Ann Perry: (AFA - Graphic Design)

Julie Ann Perry was born in the humble city of Tangerang, Indonesia. She had been moving around place to place in Indonesia until the age of 7, when she settled on the Island of Bali. She is tri-racial and used to visit her father’s family in Canada every December during the High School’s winter holiday. She is currently a student working towards her Art Degree at Shoreline Community College. Julie has studied multiple fields such as Business, Economics, Geography and Language before she settled on Art. Her spark for art came while watching a Japanese digitally drawn frame-by-frame animation called “Black Butler” that was conveniently airing during that time. As the more invested she was in the show, the more eager she was to learn how to draw like that too. Julie started off self-taught, she drew what she saw with terrible accuracy – but improved over time. She did take informal painting classes (outside of school) of still life objects during the age from 12 – 14 but that was about it. Julie can speak in English, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and French. Julie has big aspirations and hope to someday work with companies such as Nintendo, Bandai or Disney as they all have contributed to her love and appreciation of art.



Angela Pirir: (AFA - Studio Art)

Angela Pirir, age 25, is a Guatemalan-American visual artist and adventurer, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently based in Washington where she has been pursuing an AFA degree at Shoreline Community College. Angela always had an interest in art at a very young age but it wasn’t until 2018 when she began her freelance career in outdoor photography and later since in painting.

Angela has a profound love for the Pacific Northwest and traveling. She is always up for capturing new locations and connecting with people around the world. Furthermore, with her artistic ability, Angela has been able to combine her passions into her mediums. Her recent work has since collected an audience throughout her social media platforms and continue to reach new people everyday.


Rose Santana: (AFA - Studio Art)

Rose Santana is a Mexican American artist whose works in realism help portray the complexity of identity in the 21st Century. Working in a wide range of mediums, from charcoal to acrylic, her work touches on themes such as Latin American culture, environment, and contemporary world problems. She was born in Hayward, California in 1999 and lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for a few years before settling in Seattle, WA, where she was raised. Currently, she is working towards her AFA in Foundation Studio Art at Shoreline Community College where she will graduate Spring 2020.  


Yihan (Olivia) Shi: (AFA - Photography)

​Yihan Shi was born and raised in Shanxi, China. She came to the United States in 2015, for her college. She will be graduating from Shoreline Community College with her AFA degree in Photography in June 2020. She will transfer to California Institute of the Arts for her BFA-Photography degree in September 2020. Her work was the finalist of the 37th Annual College & High School Photography Contest, held by Photographer’s Forum Magazine.


Phatthanan Tuppocha:(AFA - Graphic Design)

Phatthanan Tuppocha. was born in Thailand. She studied elementary school at Amporpaisan and went to Middle school and high school AFA degree at Shoreline Community College with a concentration of Graphic Design. By the middle of 2020, she will be transferring to Mahidol International University. 


Marlena Wilhelmsen: (AFA - Studio Art)

Marlena Rose Wilhelmsen was born in Seattle Washington and raised in Shoreline, Richmond Beach. She has been an artist since she was two years old and with every life milestone gained deeper knowledge and better skills in a wide range of mediums. Her mother and father encouraged and fostered her desire to create, making art alongside her for much of her youth. When she transferred to a public school at age ten, she went through many hardships that continued into her late teens. Health issues and bullying put pressure on her mental health, but art kept her alive. After graduating from Shorewood High School in 2016 she began her next chapter at Shoreline Community College where she found an amazing art department full of those who had been through much and created things too. She grew fond of ceramics and is hoping to pursue a small career in making functional wares.


Benedict Wolfe: (AFA - Studio Art)

Benedict Wolfe was born and raised in Philadelphia until the age of four when he moved to Washington State. His family’s artistic influence encouraged him to seek a degree in the arts. Benedict found his expression in clay and specifically in pottery. Through the kindness and expert mentorship of his teacher and friend, Matthew Allison, his love and desire for the arts bloomed. This led Benedict to pursue ceramics and pottery outside of the classroom in which he purchased his own pottery wheel and clay to begin his individual exploration into ceramic art. To further his career in the art world. All of this culminated in a creation of a unique body of work and the foundations of a voice in clay. He will graduate with a AFA in Foundations in Studio art in June of 2020. He plans to transfer to a university where he will continue his education and future work of a ceramic artist.


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